ATI super damper installation kit BMW M52TU S52US M54 without trigger wheel

MRT20 | Tilaustuote
The kit consists:
CrMo tool steel crankshaft hub to be used with ATI super damper
Mounting hardware.
A/C pulley not compatible with the kit
The hub is recommended to be used with 6.78" diameter serpentine shell assembly (ATI #917071, 2JZ).
Other variations can be used too, -CS stands for countersunk bolts, number after the part no. 917071-XX stands for o-ring hardness, standard is 60.
Balancing the assembly is highly recommended.
Honing of the center bore might be required, refer to ATI super damper instructions. Use ATI torque rates and locktite on every bolt!
Toimitusaika: 1-2 viikkoa

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